Just a Boss Mom

Just a Boss Mom

May 15, 2016

Mom life is hard! As a mom of two, I'm often struggling big time over here! Between melt downs, business things, house duties, and just life in general, I'm a bit overwhelmed, all of the time! And instead of sitting down, writing a list and tackling everything, I usually just waste precious time on social media (oh facebook you! lol!).

I am learning that there is truly no one method to keep everything under control.  Some days we live by a schedule, most days we don't! I would love to eventually get to a place where things aren't as hectic but with a steadily growing business, I don't see that happening any time soon!  We tried a babysitter and I felt that just made more work for me (because I have to clean before and after the sitter comes, constantly check on my super attached 1 year old who is most likely having a nervous break down because she just does not like people, while trying to get orders out! ha!).  It's actually much easier for me to manage everything on my own, without much outside help.  But I know many moms who do need sitters, cleaners, and etc.  We're all different but one thing is for sure, a little mommy motivation could benefit us all. So I created a mommy motivation pinterest board!  Pinterest is one of my all time favorite social media apps! I'm such a DIYer, so of course I love to pin lol!  


Take some time to check out our Mommy Motivation Board, save it for later, pin it! It's pretty awesome and motivating if I do say so myself :)





Amber John




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