Finding Dory!

Finding Dory!

June 17, 2016

Today Kris and I decided to take the girls to the movies for the first time!  Finding Nemo has been on heavy rotation in our house for the past two months, so we figured Finding Dory would be a good movie to see for the first time, in a theater! ha! headed to see Finding Dory!

As many of you know, Kennedy is three and Khloe is 17 months now.  I wasn't too sure how Khloe would do, being so young, but she totally enjoys "family movie night" and will sit down for most of a movie at home.

After consuming an entire bag of fruit snacks (unbeknownst to us lol) home girl had a sugar rush and couldn't sit still lol! I was happy we decided to go early, whern there were lots of younger kids, so I didn't feel too bad about her random "Memo!" outbursts and wanting to get up constantly! I totally have to go see it again, without her lol!


If you haven't (or don't plan to) totally go check out Finding Dory.  We're 90s babies (#89 whoop whoop lol) so this was the PERFECT movie to go see with our girls! I can't wait to take them again :) no time soon though lol! If you plan on taking your little one to the movies for the first time, I say go in with an open mind.  I had to get up and take Khloe out a few times, luckily our seats were near the doors, and I actually didn't mind letting her run around for a bit!  Kennedy enjoyed the entire movie! And oh! If you can, skip the previews.  Khloe sat through the 20 mins of previews (we were early lol) but once we hit about 60% into the movie she was ready to run wild!

Check out some more pictures.  I had to make the girls custom rompers for our first movie outing! Khloe's tank romper was hacked from a big kids shirt and Ken is wearing our new tank romper in pink, I added a super cool Dory saying to it ;) I made hers a tad bit longer because I knew it would be a little chilly in the theater and she gets cold quickly!

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