On The Blog: Celebrating National Popcorn Day with Our Favorite Recipe by MMofPhilly

Celebrating National Popcorn Day!

January 18, 2023

It's National Popcorn Day! 

I always wonder who are the people who create these awesome days of celebration? Popcorn is a favorite in our house so this is one we had to celebrate! 

Every holiday, we make what we call our "Bomb Popcorn", it's the sweetest and most yummiest popcorn. My friend Ayesha designed ice cream inspired baby moccasins a few years ago, and in the adorable packaging was all of the fixings to make this popcorn treat! This has become a family tradition in our home, so I thought I'd share how we make our Valentine's Day themed popcorn in honor of National Popcorn Day! There's so many ways to customize this to your family's liking!

I created an easy recipe card that you can save for future use! 

MMofPhilly's Valentine's Day Popcorn Recipe

Download here

The most important part is finding all of the ingredients that match your theme! For Valentine's Day, I like to do heart shaped sprinkle mixes and pink M&Ms! I'll even have Madison and Mackenzie separate the red gummy bears so they match the vibe ha! Kids really enjoy making this and it's such a great treat!

National Popcorn Day Movies to Watch With Your Kids List by MMofPhilly

And once you've got your popcorn, you've got to watch one of our favorites! I mean, what other way should you celebrate National Popcorn Day than with a big bowl of popcorn and a movie! We really enjoyed the Matilda Musical on Netflix! My girls are asking for a repeat!

As always, I hope you enjoy celebrating this much needed holiday! 



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