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Motherhood: Self Care for New Moms

January 02, 2023 1 Comment

Motherhood: Self Care for New Moms

It has been nearly ten years since I entered this thing called motherhood. And wow, has it been a journey. While my girls are both growing (way too fast), I am constantly reminded of the joys and struggles the newly inducted face as we sew and ship those tiny little leggings that match mamas! 

Matching Mommy and Me Leggings by MMofPhilly

Self care has become super trendy these days, but that does not take away from its importance. When my first daughter was born, my grandmother made it her life's mission to make sure I had some personal time. And while everyone may not have a village, it is still important to do little things that cater to your soul. I had not realized how much that hot, bubble bath meant. Or how that cup of warm tea on the porch with a book while my girls slept, released so much stress.

Motherhood is hard and beautiful. The reward of watching those tiny little babes grow into little people with their own missions, thoughts, and feelings is unmatched. I don't have an extensive list of self care must-haves/must-dos. I simply wanted to remind you that it is okay to take a little time for you, especially as a new mother.

As I mentioned earlier, my girls are older now (almost 10 and 8 years old) so my self care looks a little different, but not much! Once the girls are in bed, at least twice a week I run myself a warm, bubbly bath. It has taken me some time but now, I am up at least two hours before they wake to meditate and journal. Those little actions have released so much anxiety. 

Here's my favorite self care ideas for new moms:

Read a book or indulge in your favorite tv series.

My favorite self love activity is to grab my kindle and get lost in a book. The small business stress, the motherhood stress, along with regular life & holiday stress has been overwhelming. I forgot how easy it is to just lounge on the coach and read!

The stress of motherhood will always be there. No matter the stages: newborn to teens (and beyond I assume), you will always worry about something. I've learned its important to give yourself grace - give yourself time to shut down and indulge in your favorite activity. Get lost in a book or catch up on your favorite Netflix series! I also got myself a Nintendo Switch, and Animal Crossing has been SO much fun plus I can play with my girls! 

Let grandma/grandpa take the kiddo(s) for a few hours.

It was (and still is) so hard for me to hand off my kids to others. Even the grandparents. Heck, even my husband! It was even harder when they were newborns. I could compromise with retreating to my room (or bath ;) for a few hours while grandma took over. It is totally okay to let them go for a few hours, a full day, or don't. Whatever you are feeling comfortable with. The point is to relax and rest. If you feel you'll obsess over their absence - skip this one. 

It took me nearly a year to feel comfortable leaving my youngest daughter who was born with a congenital heart defect. She required a feeding tube plus timed medication. My mama heart would start to break at the thought of leaving her. I couldn't even leave her with trained doctors and nurses at the children's hospital! It was bad! Or good. Both! 

Relax in a warm bath.

If you couldn't tell, this girl loves a hot, bubbly bath! Add in your favorite essential oil and relax. Sometimes I leave my highly energized girls with their dad while I escape to my oasis. I even play calming music while I unwind. 

Get out in the sun, take a walk.

It may seem like a hassle to gather the kids and pack the stroller but I guarantee you will feel so much better out in nature. Soak up that energy the sun gives. If you have a balcony or porch, grab a glass of water and sit, breathe in the fresh air - and hopefully baby naps while you do so! Stepping outside of your comfy home does wonders.

Take a nap.

I heard time and time again, "take a nap when baby naps" I thought that was the rudest thing to say lol. When I became a new mom of two, I realized it was better to take the nap - the house work can be done later. 


Self care doesn't have to look just one way. Do whatever feels good to your soul, to you! While motherhood is a big ball of mixed emotions, it's also your story to create and enjoy with your child/children/family. I have always been an adventurous person. Amusement parks, museums, DIYing crafts - they have been things I enjoy. Now I am able to enjoy them with my girls.

So even though it may seem a like HUGE task to lug two toddlers to a museum, I have found that it's not that bad! And it's much easier when they're tiny little babes who haven't figured out how to run or give their never-ending opinions!


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1 Response

Jacqui Simmons
Jacqui Simmons

January 22, 2023

I never had anyone to stress the importance of self care. So glad you are taking care of yourself so that your family can have the best You.

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